Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Early morning in Sorrento...

We're house-sitting at Jon's aunt & uncle's in Abbotsford this week so when it was time to figure out our route to Sorrento for Sunday morning, we figured we'd need an extra 30 minutes or so, seeing as we wouldn't be leaving from Chilliwack. Google maps said Sorrento was 4.5 hrs away from Abby. Jon figured that was probably a bit on the generous side, but we figured we should rather be early than late when visiting a new church.  Thankfully, Callie spent the night with my parents because we knew it would be an extremely early morning departure and a long day.
So... the alarm was set for 4am and we were on the road by 4:55am.  Here we are, on our way out of Abby...

Just a little proof that we DID actually get on the road as early as planned...

I must admit, as much as I hate early mornings, it sure is a beautiful time of day.
No one around, sun rising, colorful sky.  Beautiful.

Driving through the Coquihala.  Still, virtually no one on the road.  Perfection.

So it turns out that Google maps was, in fact, WAY off with their time estimation.  We arrived in Sorrento at 8:15am.  A mere 3.25 hrs after leaving Abbotsford.  Hmmm.... the church service wasn't til 10am.  Now what?

Time to explore the town a bit...

Sorrento is quite a quaint little town.  So pretty.

Don't know if this is "allowed" but we did it anyway.  
The coffee shop wasn't open so we had to kill time in other ways.  
So, we tried out their machinery...

Getting back to our roots?  Well, maybe Jon's anyway.

I had to give it a try too...

As I mentioned in our newsletter, we had a wonderful morning with the congregation at River of Life Community Church.  We left Sorrento later that afternoon, feeling very encouraged, supported and knowing that God had orchestrated this visit.  We look forward to spending more time with them when we come home for MINA (ministry in North America--aka: furlough).  Thanks again to everyone who made our morning in Sorrento special!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Schedule

Our internship is finished and now its "full-swing" support-raising time!  For those that are in the lower mainland & area, and would like to hear us share about Thailand (and hear Jon preach!), here are some of our upcoming church visits for the summer.  We'll keep you posted as more come up:

Sunday, July 17th- River of Life Community Church (Sorrento, BC)
Sunday, July 24th- Broadway MB Church (Chilliwack, BC)
Sunday, July 31st- Westwood MB Church (Prince George, BC) -- we'll just be visiting while we're in PG for a family reunion, not actually sharing during the service.  But would love to see you there!
Sunday, August 7th- Greendale MB Church (Chilliwack, BC)
Sunday, August 14th- Clearbrook MB Church (Abbotsford, BC) -- EVENING service @ 7pm

Hope to see many of you over the next few weeks!