Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to go pro...

Callie has been in desperate need of a haircut for a while now but I've been hesitant to take her, considering she's still VERY shy around Thai people (and as a general rule, doesn't like to be touched).  But, it was time for her to get more than just a "trim" from Mommy, so, she and I ventured out to the salon this evening.

On the car ride there, I explained to her that a Thai person would be cutting her hair and that when they touched her hair, she didn't need to be afraid and that she needed to speak nicely.  I walked her through exactly what would happen and explained that she would be like a beautiful princess after her haircut (is that bad of me? :) ) and that it would be LOTS of fun.  She seemed to buy it, thankfully, but I was still unsure about what would happen when we got to the salon.

But, much to my surprise (and delight!), she was absolutely AMAZING!  She didn't flinch, whine or cry... not once!!  I couldn't believe what a big girl she was about the whole thing.  The lady that cut her hair kept commenting on how good she was and that usually, foreigner kids cry the whole time.  I was one proud Mama!  Plus, it was great Thai-speaking practice for me... so I guess you could say we 'killed 2 birds with 1 stone' today! :)

She doesn't even like it when I wash her hair so I was extra surprised when she agreed to have her hair washed.  You can see by her hand in the above picture (and the look on her face) that she was a bit tense about it, but as I said, she didn't say a peep the whole time.

I honestly couldn't believe how perfectly still she sat, through the entire haircut.

I think watching herself in the giant mirror helped keep her distracted...

And, the iPod helped for those last few minutes that just seemed a bit too boring for her :)

Almost done...

When she got down from the chair, she pointed to the ground and said,
"Oh wow, Mom!  Look at all my hair!"

She even "wai-ed" the hairdresser and said, "Khop khun kha" 
(which means "thank-you") as we left.  
We both agreed that this experience was worth a thumbs-up! :)

Well done, my sweet Callie-bear!  You're growing up!