Saturday, December 17, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our Christmas decorating had to come in stages this year.  When we packed our bags to come to Thailand, I had hoped to be able to bring some of our Christmas decorations because I wasn't sure what we'd be able to buy here, in the way of Christmas decor.  But, if you remember from this picture, we were already maxed out on luggage and weight so the Christmas decorations didn't make it in.  

But, we had some very sweet family members give us some $$ before we left and they told us that it was specifically to buy ourselves new Christmas decorations once we arrived in Thailand.  Thanks again family-- you know who you are! :)

We managed to find a tree and most of our decorations at Makro (the Thai version of Costco) so we started with that.

Then, after some more searching through the Chiang Mai markets with Carmen, I managed to find a star for the top of the tree, some fabric to make a tree skirt (that only cost me $1.50!!) and even some snowflake ornaments to add to the branches.

I'll definitely want to add to our decoration collection in the years to come (the tree is a little more 'sparse' than I would like it to be) but overall, I was fairly happy with what we were able to find.  And for great prices too!

We knew we also wanted to find some traditional Thai decorations and were delighted when we found these woven lights at the walking street market.  They were perfect for our bannister...

They took a while to put together because the balls were flat when we bought them.  We had to carefully open each yarn ball, round them out and then snip holes big enough to fit the white lights through.  But even though they were a lot of work, we love the addition they bring to our staircase :)

We got all of our family Christmas shopping done at the Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Market and were happy to be able to send home authentic Thai gifts for everyone.  We hope you like them family! :)

Last night we attended the Christmas outreach at our housekeeper/nanny's church.  I'll post some pictures soon!  It was an awesome evening of great food, lots of laughter and good fellowship.

So, despite the warm temperatures and tropical climate, we're SLOWLY feeling like Christmas really WILL come this year :)


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY! That's more like it! SO happy to have an update. Those Christmas balls are SO AWESOME! Seriously I want some!!! HOW COOL! The tree too - totally Canadian looking. haha too funny.

Keep up the posts!!!! (I promise you, we don't care if they are short, or like 2 photos.) :P xx

Mel said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to find decorations out there! It can make the holiday seem "less" lonely. I wish your family a wonderful, unique Christmas this year!! We have rain outside rather then snow as well...but inside our home it LOOKS and SMELLS like Christmas. Thinking of you guys as you find new ways to celebrate...

Erin said...

love this! you are doing a better decorating job than me, even with access to all this american stuff. love those balls!