Friday, December 7, 2012

Highlights from November

Somehow, another month has passed me by and I've completely ignored this blog.  My sincerest apologies to those who reference this for updates.

If you read our latest newsletter, you'll know that life has been 'hopping' since we arrived in Chonburi.  So, here are just a few highlights from the past few weeks here in our new location (in no particular order)...

#1) Working with a team from The Bridge church from Bakersfield, California.  I got to help out with the VBS program they held in one of the Ang Sila slums.  It was such a joy working with these kids.

#2) Watching 7 people get baptized in Ang Sila one Saturday evening!  5 Thai people and 2 people from the California team.

#3) Getting to decorate Callie's room and getting started on Marek's (his pictures are yet to come).

#4) Watching Marek light up the lives of pretty much everyone who meets him.  Such a happy, happy boy... so thankful for his easy-going spirit.

#5) Several swim dates with this little girl.

#6) Having an amaaaazingly delicious American Thanksgiving meal with our new team.
(Sorry... I forgot to take a picture... I was too busy stuffing my face with turkey and stuffing!)

#7) Decorating for Christmas!

#8) Teaching English at one of the Government offices here in Chonburi city.

#9) Overloaded 'Cranberry Bliss' bars from Starbucks and a great girls night with my teammate, Corina.

#10) Trips to IKEA.

#11) The joy of sloooooowly getting settled into our new home. (Pictures to come! I promise!!)


Jen Glen said...

Love the smiles, Marek!

Karen Esau said...

When the Christmas pictures came up Cameron kept saying "Oh wow!". Praying for you guys & love the updates :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

you have ikea there too? cool