Friday, March 29, 2013

บ้านของเรา... (Our House)

I'm pretty sure I made a promise a looooong time ago, to post pictures of our house here in Chonburi.  This was literally the only house available for rent in this area when we were house-hunting and thankfully, we feel we've been able to make it feel pretty "homey."

So, without further ado, here's a little glimpse into the place we call "home."

Living Room 

Dining Room
Office area
(just to the left of the dining area)
Jon built the desk :)

(just excuse the disastrous state of my counter & sink!)

(we had this awkward-sized nook to fill and couldn't find anything that would fit,
so Jon built a cube shelf to fill the space.  He did a great job on it!)

Marek's Room

Yes, Michael Jordan hangs over Marek at night.
Kinda creepy?  Perhaps... but it was the only place in the house I would let Jon hang it ;)
Callie's Room

And there you have it.  All you're missing is pictures of our very boring bathrooms and our master bedroom (the pictures were too dark to post and to be honest... I haven't done enough to "beautify" it yet so you'll just have to wait for another time!) :)  Hope you enjoyed your tour!

Feel free to stop by anytime... iced coffee is always on! ;)


Rick and Sandy said...

Very nice Jon & Bonnie!

Elissa said...

Yay! Looks awesome! Love those cute gallery walls i the kids rooms... and those are some pretty awesome herringbone floors you've got going on. People around here would pay a lot of $$ for floors like that! Can't wait to see more!

Jen Glen said...

He built a desk and shelves? With what tools? I think the place looks absolutely beautiful and pray that we will get to stay there with you one day!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Looks great...doesn't look like you are in another country really. Did you have fun decorating?

Vivienne said...

Are your iced coffees decaf by any chance?

Bonnie said...

Viv... they can be!! :)