Monday, May 20, 2013

Precious gifts...

Having just had Mother's Day recently, I've been reflecting on the 2 amazing gifts God has given me in Callie & Marek.  I have to say, if you had asked me 5 years ago, what my life would look like today, I venture to guess that my plans wouldn't have involved 2 kids and a crazy life in Thailand.
But, that being said, the best part is that my plans never turn out as well as the ones God has in mind for me.  And I am feeling incredibly, deeply, profoundly blessed to be living this unpredictable life God has given me.

I mean, how could I not feel ridiculously blessed to have been given the job of "Mommy" for these two monkeys!?

I have to admit though, being a Mom has not been an easy job here.  Trying to raise 2 young kids in another culture, and study Thai 4 days a week, and hold outreaches with our team, and do laundry, and wash dishes, and clean the house, and attend team meetings, and..... on and on.... has made me feel as though I am losing my mind a bit.  I've thought a lot lately, about how much easier things would feel right now if I was back in North America, in my home culture, speaking my heart language, and having our support network around me.  Life would just be... easier.

But despite the fact that its been tough at times, its not to say that it hasn't been extremely rewarding.  
I feel a deep sense of pride and thankfulness when I think of the incredible changes I've seen, especially in Callie, since we got here just over a year and a half ago.  I've seen her go from being absolutely, painfully shy and afraid of anyone and everyone... to being confident at preschool and even "wai-ing" people when they say hello to her in the grocery store.  
She still has her shy moments but she has come SO far.  When we got here, she was terrified to go into the padded ball-pit playgrounds that are in every mall in Thailand... now, she pays the playground staff her 30 baht and strolls in as if she owns the joint. :)  

I also love listening to her try out her Thai language skills.  She's learning a lot at preschool as all of her classmates are Thai and are only learning English at preschool.  So, she teaches her friends English and they teach her Thai.  I'd say its a pretty good deal. :)  There are even times at home now when I ask her if she wants something and she responds, "mai aw" (don't want).  And has been insisting that when Marek does something that hurts or offends her, that he should have to "wai" her and say "khawtoht" (sorry).  Hilarious! :)
I'm also enjoying the fact that Callie and Marek are really starting to play together now.  Its fun to watch how much Marek adores his big sister and how much she dotes on him.  She is terribly bossy, most of the time, but he just grins at her and doesn't seem to mind at all... at least not yet. ;)

And as for Marek, well... you can tell he was born here and that he was truly created for this culture.  He absolutely loves the constant attention he gets and is a total flirt.  He will go to anyone and is happy 99% of the time, no matter how hot it is and no matter who is holding him.  He's incredibly laid back and we're so thankful for that.  Thai people love him and he loves them right back.  What a  blessing!

So as I reflect on everything that has happened over the last 19+ months here in Thailand, I really do see God's fingerprints all over it.  There have been intense struggles, triumphant successes, deep sadness, unbelievable joy... and through it all, I've had an incredibly supportive husband and two amazing children who have made life rich, no matter what.

 Thank you, Father, for the good gifts you've given me.


Vivienne said...

We miss you, but we're so glad so see the work you've been sent to do. Eli REALLY misses Callie and tells me everyday that he's driving to Thailand to see her. We LOVE you!!!

Jen Glen said...

Motherhood IS tough...add to that another're my hero. But your most important job there and my most important job here are the same - teaching our kids about the most amazing God that we serve!