Sunday, April 17, 2011

The start of something new

Seeing as our journey towards being missionaries in Thailand is a completely new phase & chapter of life, it seems only fitting to start a blog that is completely dedicated to just that.... our journey to Thailand.  I also want to be able to offer updates & news about ourselves to a more broad spectrum of people, especially once we leave North America so I think this is a good place to do so.
I don't have a whole lot to report tonight, but just want to say thanks for stopping by & feel free to check in for more frequent updates from here on out.  We look forward to having you join us on this journey!

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Melissa May said...

Yay! : ) I like your new blog and of course look forward to seeing all it contains in the future!

Jen Glen said...

Will you still keep up the other one when you're in Thailand?

Sonja said...

I'm looking forward to keeping tabs on what's going on with you in Thailand!

Bonnie said...

Thanks guys! And yes Jen... I hope to keep the other one going for more personal things. Probably won't be quite as frequent (not that it has been anyway) but I will do my best.