Thursday, July 10, 2014

MINA highlights to date

Because let's be honest, our MINA has been WAY busier than I ever imagined and unfortunately, I simply don't have time to recap everything that's happened so far.  So instead, here are some highlights via pictures! Enjoy :)

Gods' beautiful creation
Evening hiking near the house we're staying at

"High Tea" dates with Nammy

Celebrating Marek's 2nd Birthday with family

Enjoying bathtime in actual, real sized bathtubs ;)
(something we don't get to do in Thailand unless we're at a hotel) 

Taking in the beautiful British Columbia scenery
Fun at the Adventure Centre in Prince George, BC during our road trip up North

Park time in the cool, fresh air
Making new friends on our road trip to SK and having an early birthday celebration together!

Reconnecting with old friends in SK
Having all the Glen family cousins together for the very first time!   
Birthday morning breakfast with Grandma
Celebrating Callie's 5th Birthday with family

"Elsa" on her special day :)

More cousin time!
Throwing a 40th Anniversary party for my parents with my siblings!
So special to get to be here for it and have our whole family a part of it!

Riding the train at Stanley Park for the first time (Vancouver, BC)
Cooling off at the splash park on a little family day off!

So, obviously, amidst all of this, we've also really enjoyed our time sharing at various Care Groups and churches and connecting with many of our supporters.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures of everything, but we've been thankful for this time with people we love and the support and love we've received from SO many, thus far!  Thank-you to everyone who has made time for us and we hope to connect with many more of you before our early September departure!!

Happy Summer everyone!

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Jen Glen said...

Hoping this means you're feeling better! That camera phone of yours takes amazing pics! Is it possible to send me the digger and tea one? Love you so much and so thankful for our time together!